10 Breeds of Adorable Dog That Love to Dig

A lot of dogs love to dig, and some breeds are hardwired to do so. Terriers, for example, are bred to dig rabbit or fox holes. Other breeds dig to create shelter or an escape route. Most, however, dig because they’re bored or stressed.

A few of the most common breeds of dog that love to dig are: Jack Russell Terriers, Siberian huskies, and Border Collies. Huskies were bred to endure cold climates and are well-known for their digging skills. Husky breeds also love to dig because they need to keep themselves busy while hunting. Cairn terriers are active dogs that also dig for different reasons, including burying bones. They may also do it because they’re bored or lacking attention.

The Basenji dog has a cat-like personality, and was bred as a hunting dog. It is often called the barkless dog because it doesn’t bark, instead making a chortling or yodeling sound instead. Although the dog has short attention spans, it is trainable with positive reinforcement.

The Dachshund is another adorable dog breed that loves to dig. This miniature hound was originally used to hunt badgers and moles. However, its long spines can cause back injuries. These dogs are usually surrendered due to their trouble.

If you have a pet who loves to dig, you should make sure they don’t have too much access to the outdoors. Dogs who live outdoors all day may dig to escape the yard or confinement they’re living in. This means that they may need more play time, extra stimulation, or more training.

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