10 Miniature Cat Breeds That Look Like Tiny Kittens

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10 Miniature Cat Breeds That Look Like Tiny Kittens in Adulthood

There are many miniature cat breeds. Here are 10 that look like tiny kittens in their adulthood. These little cats are perfect pets for the beginner cat owner. These adorable little creatures are small and cute and have a variety of interesting personality traits. Some of these cats even live into their adulthood! To learn more about these cute little critters, read on!

Singapura: One of the most miniature cat breeds in the world, these little creatures have full-sized legs and bodies, but their structure is smaller than most felines. They are intelligent and adventurous, but weigh just four to six pounds at full adulthood. They can cost anywhere from 1500 to 2000 dollars. They are the perfect addition to any family because of their adorable personality and adoration for human pets.

American curl: This adorable cat coos to attract attention. Despite their size, they still retain their kittenish curiosity. While they may not be the most energetic or playful, they are remarkably affectionate and lovable. Their gentle nature makes them a great pet for children and can tolerate being dressed up as dolls. This breed is perfect for a family with little space.

Russian blue: This regal little cat is small. They weigh between seven and 12 pounds at full maturity. Their short tails and soft, cuddly appearance make them excellent lap cats, though they don’t make much noise. As long as you care for your kitten, it won’t grow any bigger than a kitten! They’re also great pets for kids who don’t have enough space for a large cat.

Devon Rex: This tiny cat is another miniaturized breed with small, cute ears and a rounded face. It weighs between four and eight pounds and is very affectionate and sociable. Its size is ideal for busy households because it doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and doesn’t require much exercise.


Singapura: Singapuras are the smallest of the ten miniature cat breeds. This cat breed is about half the size of a regular cat, and it takes between fifteen and twenty four months to reach its adult weight. Singapura cats are small, but have a big personality! They’re also great climbers and are a joy to live with.

Napoleon: Another new miniature cat breed is the Napoleon. This small cat, which is also called a Minuet, is five to nine pounds and weighs anywhere from 2.2 to four kilograms. Although it has no official standards, it is a very sweet and affectionate pet. They can get along with almost anyone and adjust quickly to new environments. Their average weight is eight to fifteen pounds.

Munchkin: A tiny breed of kitten with short legs, Munchkins are a popular pet for a child. They are a very energetic cat and love to play. Unlike most cats, Munchkins are small and cuddly in their adulthood, but don’t like to jump on furniture! They are fast, agile, and active, and are perfect for a busy family with young children.

Pudelcat: The American Ringtail cat came from a stray in Lakewood, California. It is a medium-sized feline breed with both long and short hair. Solomon’s tail is actually normal in its birth state, which is unusual for a newborn cat. Susan Manley started the American Ringtail project in 1998 to attempt to reproduce the unique tail of the original cat, Solomon.

Burmese: Some people mistake these for a Siamese. But, these adorable little kitties are actually much smaller and more lanky than the Siamese. They weigh between five and 10 pounds and may be as large as six and fourteen pounds. A Burmese kitten can cost from $500 to a thousand dollars. Napoleon: These fluffy balls of love are an exotic hybrid of the Persian and Munchkin cat. They stay small throughout their adulthood.

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